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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

Watching Interstellar . .

In the final scene of Interstellar our protagonist/astronaut Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) awakes in a hospital room at Cooper Station, a space colony orbiting near Saturn in what is for him now the future. Thanks to the relativity of time and his encounter with a black hole in a failed search for a suitable planet for colonization by humanity, he is now younger than his precious daughter, Murphy, whom he left at 10 years old. She has been brought out of cryogenic sleep in her extremely fragile age and now lies in bed surrounded by doctors and family in fulfillment of her life’s dream . . to see her daddy who left her to save the world.

She turns in her bed to gaze into the younger, dark-haired face of her father who had promised he would return decades earlier.

“I knew you’d return” she whispers as tears of joy streamed down both their faces.

“How?”, Cooper whispered.

“Because my dad promised me!” she smiled.

Her father had expected a scientific response, but instead got the Truth.

And sometimes in your life as a Christian it will be that way. Your faith cannot rest on your level of obedience or faith, on things you see or don’t see, on your knowledge of scripture or the madness that surrounds you, but solely upon the fact that a Father who knows and loves you more than you can comprehend has told you that he would save you.

“But how do you know you will be saved?” someone asks . .

“Because my Dad promised me”.

Salvation is personal.

Isn”t He Wonderful?

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