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live from the vault . .

Elnora before and after . .   and my friend John

     Somewhere around 1973 or '74 the Good New Singers came to the little community of McKinley, Oregon. They were the first live gospel group I'd ever heard. They sang on key, they were organized (unlike the Blums) and tight. Best of all you could tell they really loved Jesus. John Marlow (top left) I thought to be the leader, but the next time they came Norman (top right - Elnora's brother) would kind of be the spokesman. Sometimes 

Jan (top middle - John's sister) would stand and share her testimony, but then too, Elnora (bottom right) would get pretty preachy. Confused? Me too. The character in the bottom middle was Jerry Stephens, a great singer and songwriter whom they came to depend on very much. Their experiences, good and bad, as evangelists traveling up and down the highways of Oregon and Washington so paralleled our that it was uncanny. We shared many of the same venues and became very close, and remain so today.

     "Touring That City" and "Redemption Draweth Nigh" are from their album "Jesus Will Outshine Them All".  Elnora brought a song with her on one of their visits called "I Love You More".  We recorded a background track for it, got Beverly Galster to help with our "do - do - do - do's" and here it is . . the greatest song ever recorded! Yes, He certainly will, especially among those who "love His appearing". Thanks Beverly for your friendship and hospitality -  and the use of your Harley.  And thanks Ken for . . the midnight ride back to Denver. God is wonderful . .

Ken and Beverly Galster

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