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Hey guys! In the '70's and '80's I was a PNL  (Pacific Northwest Logger). Even though it was dangerous work, it was a good job and the Lord blessed us. Just goes to show you can love Jesus and be tough too! Ha!  Click on the pictures for a larger view . .

  Dave Green setting chokers at Scottsburg, OR                            Steve Sr. running yarder                                                Little Steve setting chokers

  071 Madill Yarder                  071 cab view                           Brush crew for Shirley Laird Logging                                        Thunderbird TY90

Washington 208 Slackline          208 cab                    Shirley Laird (middle) Hooktender (L) and mechanic (R)       Mike Briggs and unknown choker setter

              The steep Elliot State Forest                                      Huckberries in the Elliot State Forest                             Logging Boss Dean Roberts

  Jim Moore, logging friend and brother in Christ                           Shirley Lairds TY90 on log deck                                    Duane (suede) McPhereson

                  CLICK THE ARROW  ABOVE FOR THE LOGGER MOVIE!                                        

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