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live from the vault . .

In the mid '90's, at the same time we were doing the NiteLite series, the Church of the Nazarene started a gospel music program that was wildly popular in Roseburg for a year or two. 

     I think Roger and Debbie were instrumental in that also. I spent a year or so doing the booking, and when Bill Bryan came on board he took over. It was a great bunch of guys that

I will never forget. We had a few well-known groups come through, like JD Summers and some others. attendance was great ane the people were warm. Pastors Hank and Connie Almand were simply wonderful.

     From L to R: Bill Bryan, lead guitar, Freddie Bates, rhythm guitar, Manuel (?) drums, Steve Blum, piano, Freddie Smith, bass guitar, Mavin LeGore, Mandolin, and Jim Easterly, rhythm and vocals.

     This may be where our "off the cuff" manner that was so endearing to the folks started. But the day is yet to come when the Saints shall gather for the greatest Jubilee of all, the eternal freedom and release that belongs to the Saints of the Most High God! Thanks Lord for your musicians -

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