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live from the vault . .

     Have you ever heard the term means of grace? It refers to the many mysterious ways that God comes to us here on planet earth during our journey. It can be through a sermon, a simple encounter with another soul, a movie or TV show . . or a song. I sat with my uncle Dave  the other day and played him a recording from the Blum Family Practice of my dad singing "Only a Tramp". He wept. He was instantly transported into the past where he sat on the bed (like we all did) and listened to dad sing. Time travel! Music has enormous power. God saw fit to make it my life, and after many struggles, today I am thankful.

     Here are collected some of my most precious memories. Click on the pictures to go to the page. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do . .

    The Blum Family Practice                    Karen Blum "Everyday Man"                    Tom (boze brain) Bennett

   The Good News Singers                                 Bill Campbell                                     Christine Johnson

The Dragonslayer Band                       The Gospel Jubilee Band                             Meagan Green

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