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live from the vault . .

The DragonSlayer Band. Pretty naive huh? Life is full of hard lessons, not the least of those being that you in yourself are not going to slay your own sins, much less The Dragon. I'm losing track here - I think it was the mid-'90's or so when Roger and Debbie Horton brought an idea to The Church of the Nazarene in Roseburg for a youth outreach in the area. It was to be called NiteLite, and incorporated music, drama and preaching

to bring younger folks to Christ. It was a huge undertaking. The church went all-out, built a huge stage in a field behind the church, bought lighting and sound systems for the weekly programs. Setups typically began about 3 in the afternoon and we hit the sack about 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening. Eventually NiteLite went on the road to local schools and to some of the prisons in Oregon. I think it was effective. It's funny how God uses flawed and egotistical vessels - He even uses the Devil. It seems my entire music ministry is an embarassing display of my ego. I ask your forgiveness friends, for having used the Church for a stage. I did not know, nor can any know without His light, our own motives, for our hearts will deceive us. Thank God for His discipline and mercy, and the work of His Holy Spirit to shape us! Forgive us Lord!

     L to R, top row: David Anderson, bass guitar, Gary Nicolaides, lead guitar, Mark Turner on drums, Jim Pennington on        rhythm guitar-

     L to R, bottom row: Steve Blum, keyboards,  and David Gross, rhythm guitar and vocals.


     One of the main characters was The NiteLite Warrior, played by Jerry Council, who would appear on stage in full costume, spectacularly walking out of the fog brandishing a huge sword to exhort  the kids. It made a huge impression too. The first song is the actual theme that preceded the Warrior's appearing. Appended to it is the first song of each program, "Jesus is the NiteLite". It makes the 1st track a little long. We produced a CD called "NiteLite, The DragonSlayer Band", and "Stand Up!" is a track off that CD sung by Jim Pennington, an outstanding vocalist and brother in Christ.  They were, and are,  great guys, and I'm honored to have been involved in the project. Seems like a long time ago - or was it yesterday?

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