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      When the late Bishop Tony Palmer announced at a Ken Copeland ministerial conference in 2014 that Rome and Protestantism “preach the same gospel . . the protest is over", the room  burst into applause. Really? You mean all those massacred by Rome died over nothing? That Rome hunted them down over nothing?  So here’s a valid question: if the top 100 "Protestant" leaders of today would read Rome's Canons on justification (not knowing the source) how many would disagree with what was written? And in spite of the din of modern voices decrying "fighting over religion" let me assure you that Sam Gamgee was right when he told Frodo that there were "some things worth fighting for". Many of the loudest voices decrying religious wars are not heroes; but spineless, postmodern infidels whose only "truth" is the next emotion.
    Palmer was right. Protestantism is dying. In the early '90's we had "Evangelicals and Catholics Together", an ecumenical statement promoting the cooperation of Protestants and Catholics

in fighting America's moral decline. Signed by Pat Robertson, Jesse Miranda of the AOG and other top leaders, it was shortly followed by The Manhattan Declaration which clarified and reiterated the union. History attests to the political and doctrinal gulf between Protestantism and Catholicism that marked the last 500 years, including the early 20th century. The distrust was real and pronounced. And for good reasons. After 1000 years of systematically slaughtering every power that stood in the way of papal domination Rome's colors had been revealed to the world. And it is this fact that largely animates the Left in their railings against Christianity. But is Rome Christian? Certainly there are Christians in the huge tent of Catholicism, as there are scattered through all the cults, but are the doctrinal claims of Rome and her agenda biblical? And who defines "christian"?

     In 1962 Kennedy's Catholic faith was a big issue, and it wasn't until 1984 and Ronald Reagan that a pope visited the U.S. But the rapid moral degeneration of the West coupled with the recent threat of Islam has tempted Protestantism (or what's left of it) to ally itself with "Christianity's" biggest player, Rome, in fighting abortion, Islam and a rapidly degenerating secular culture. 
     The Vatican has a different agenda than the Saints. The "city which hath foundations" that she seeks has the Papal Vicar of Christ as its head. Bible Christianity also seeks one that will be "here", but not now, not yet. From the days of Augustine's "City of God", her goal is to triumph over the nations - and rule from Jerusalem - in apparent fulfillment of messiah's reign. Logically she seeks control over Jerusalem and global hegemony as a necessary part of the script. But the literal return of "this same Jesus" (Acts 1:11) in power and glory to Jerusalem and a world belonging to Him alone will offend her. She does not know her own heart! Who does? God chooses his elect and the delusions of the lost. In the nearly 500 years since Luther nailed his 95 arguments to the door of the Castle church in Wittenburg Germany, this is what we have come to.

     It was naturally to Pentecostals that Pope Francis extended the olive branch of peace, for theologically they are next of kin, both parties believing in the "worthiness of the person" (as Luther would say) "to work the work of god", and "personal experience" over the written word. We who protest Charismatic excesses are called unloving, but let me explain why we protest.
      Our complaint with our Charismatic brothers is not as simple as "manifestations". If the gifts and miracles were given by God to "bear witness" (Hebrews 2:4) to the teaching of the Apostles, (that is, God's authentication of those who speak for Him) and the sign gifts still function, then it follows that there ARE present day apostles whose revelations from God are to be authenticated, and whom we are obligated to follow, however far they depart from the scripture. What truly is at stake is the immovable anchor of scripture, 4000 years of Bible history and the innerency of the canon! 

     This is the same situation Luther was in. Pentecostals ("enthusiasts" as he called them) accused him of preaching "the letter "as opposed to "the spirit", and Rome hated him for exposing their doctrinal manipulations for the power-seeking superstitions that they were. They were angry that Luther would not budge from what was written. Pentecostals are prone to put up with a lot doctrinally as long as the group approaching them speaks in tongues, proof of being “filled with the spirit”. Never mind Rome's denial of justification by faith alone, their slaughter of believers, their accusing Protestants and Pentecostals themselves of not being churches "in the truest sense", and the host of errors Rome has yet to accuse them of. These new "apostles" laud the overtures of Rome as a sign of Christian unity, triumph and revival to come. And make no mistake, the  New Apostolic Reformation leaders are speaking plenty. What are they saying?

     They are the fastest growing religion (other than Islam) on earth, which would mean nothing were it not that they spread such attractive error. As Charismatics, the  NAR apostles and prophets teach that "it is the task of the church — under the leadership of apostles and prophets — to take dominion of the earth" (Wagner, Dominion). contrary to scriptures warnings that "men shall wax worse and worse" (2 Timothy 3:13) and that the entire globe will converge to destroy Israel at Armageddon, only to be thwarted by the return of the real messiah, the physical return of Jesus to Jerusalem.  Instead these deluded people are promoting Rome's agenda. The entire seven mountain theme is gross unbiblical error, but plays exactly into Rome's geopolitical hands! Can"t they see that their end game is identical to Romes? Can't the preterists see that Jesus ruling "spiritually"  gives cover to Rome's present overthrowing of the Truth to triumph over the earth?

What do the New Age movement, Dominionism, Preterism, The New Apostolic Reformation and Rome have in common? They have a one-world "christian" government coming to power without the physical return of Jesus. They have spiritualized away the physical return and rule of Christ just as the Bible foretells, while we who protest Charismatic excesses are called unloving haters. And this is where we are. The world is immersed in religion and blind to scripture! Wonder of wonders! 

     The Borg of the Star Trek series warned that "resistance was futile", that all who resisted "would be assimilated". If you do not belong to Christ you will be assimilated, you will follow the antichrist and take his mark. Jesus warned, "there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matthew 24:24). If you do not believe in Jesus you will be deceived (2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12). But for the Elect: "I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth" (Amos 9:9).

The Elect cannot be deceived, nor will they be be assimilated, but will rule as physical kings and priests with the real physical Jesus on this physical earth, from physical Jerusalem . . . 

     And that is what terrifies the prince of this world . .

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