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live from the vault . .

Robert, Wayne, Aunt Dorothy, Mom, Colleen and Dale on Dorothy's couch, late '70's . .

The whole clan outside at Dorothy's house. I'm feeling absolutely ancient right now . .

Aunt Rose is harmonizing with Aunt Dorothy as they sing "Thank You Lord" . .

Here is my family many years ago. Karen and myself (Virtual Steve), in front L to R, Jesse, Sarah and Tonya . .

     Here is my lovely wife Karen. I like this picture because it reminds me of when we were both young! In the closing years of the Blums traveling there was a time when Karen played the keyboard for us. With no musical training whatsoever she takes on the task of helping us in ministry. Here she is at Aunt Dorothy's house playing B.J. Thomas' "Everytday Man" on her Seiko keyboard (yes they made digital pianos for a stretch). Fortunately someone had a cassette recorder. This is the only recording  have of Karen playing her piano. Pretty cool, huh?

     The first song above is "Everyday Man", and song two is a recording of my aunts Rose and Dorothy singing "Thank You Lord". Can we comprehend how wonderful these priceless human jewels are that God has given to be in our lives? Look at the price He was willing to pay for them . .

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