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live from the vault . .

The beauty of "his" mercy is it's higher than Heaven, which means there are no limits to its beneficial effect on the human condition, so we can easily say that God lightens the penalty I deserve or even cancels it altogether. He knows what we are made of, is aware of my human imperfection yet patiently guides me toward His Son's perfection.

     Mercy means He lets us escape the punishment we deserve by allowing ours to have visited upon His son. Mercy also means we are welcomed into His family even though covered with warts of the world.

     It also help us to look up and know that He will lighten our load and make enough fall into plaace so we can keep going. It tells us He know our needs even before we do, and that we have His promise that we can draw on His resources.

     When we enumerate some of His befefits it becomes a lot easier to look up and thank Him for Hims mercies which are new every morning. Psalm 103:8, 9 really lays it on the line.


                                                                                                Better go

                                                                                                 Bro Bill.

"thou has made us Kings and Priests unto God, and we shall reign on the earth" (Revelation 5:10).

I have a king writing me letters like I'm somebody . . O God, the glory that awaits those who wait on thee!

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