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     The Shoreline Community Church in North Bend, Oregon (web site here) has a monthly gospel sing aptly named The Country Gospel Jubilee! Hosted by locals Tom and Debbie Trammel, the event is a homespun intimate evening of hymns and country gospel music featuring groups both local and not-so-local in an extremely casual yet spiritual setting that is sure to delight and minister! It's a great place to bring friends - Christians or not - who love and miss traditional music.

     Shoreline has been very gracious in providing this means of grace to the local community. We hope you'll find time to stop by and see us - always on the first Sunday nite of every month at 6:00 - with family and friends for a nostalgic and uplifting evening. Get there early for a good seat!

     Click the arrows on the pictures below to play the videos and scroll down for more videos as they become available! Be blessed!

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Tom & Debbie singing "On My father's Side"  6/5/'16

The Little Sisters sing "This Train"  6/5/'16

     The Little Sisters are real sisters (whose maiden names are Little) who have been singing since they were kids. They  started singing with their brother Ralph, and Daddy Robert when they were all quite young. At every family gathering they sing together, and they perform concerts in Oregon and in Arizona. They have 4 Gospel CD's and there's no sign of stopping them now! We were glad to have them at the Gospel Jubilee. They have a facebook page here for more information!

Beth Cummins sings "Jesus is All I Need"  7/3/'16

     July saw the"Glory Road Traveler", Jerry Ott of Eugene, reappear at the Jubilee with two delightful friends, Larry and Beth Cummins. Larry plays steel guitar and is recovering from a recent stroke. Showing up with Jerry was great therapy for Larry - and great music for us! God bless Jerry for looking out for his friends. Here's Beth singing a great song I've never heard . . "Jesus is All I Need" . .

Tom & Debbie sing "Meeting in the Air" 7/3/'16

Tom and Debbie Trammel, hosts of Shoreline's Country Gospel Jubilee launch into a raucous rendition of "Meeting in the Air" that recovers from a midway trainwreck to end in the delight of the crowd. If nothing else you will enjoy Steve's facial expressions! Enjoy!

Charlie Walker sings "In the Cross" 8/7/'16

August saw a delightful evening of ministry when Charlie Walker and his family arrived from Prineville, Oregon. The wonderful work Christ does in human hearts

was evidenced by what He has done in Charlie's heart. Here he is singing an old hymn - one of my favorites - "In the Cross". Isn't God wonderful??

Sounds of Faith sings "Four Days Late" 9/3/'16

"Sounds of Faith" Adrea, Danny and Anita (L to R), appeared on the third of September. Though Danny was sick, they did a great job of sharing the Gospel thru song. It was obvious that Danny was a preacher as they shared with us in song. And for the first time I heard my neighbor from McKinley (Anita) sing! Jesus is never late! Ha!

Tom, Debbie & Steve sing "Keep On the Sunny Side"

October was Tom & Debbie's turn to do the entire program. Though they do newer material, they are always asked to do the old-time favorites of the audience. Here they are singing "Keep On the Sunny Side" with their friend Steve ...

Mike Myers sings "Thank You"

The Gospel Jubilee is back for another season! We're so thankful for what we have in Christ, and thankful too for this unique ministry in the Coos Bay area provided by Shoreline Community Church. What a powerful evening of ministry we experienced as Mike Myers shared his heart and testimony. Though every song he sang was great, I chose this one to post, because it somehow fit the evening. See if you agree ...

The Blums sing "My Time With You"

Well this month was a first. Tom and Debbie had to be gone in June and left Steve Blum to host the program. Steve brought his two grandsons, Toby and Bo and did the the entire evening including this great Del Way song, "My Time With You". Great stuff!

The Blums sing "I Just Want to Talk to you Lord"

Tim Walters and Family sing "Share the Love of Jesus "

The Jubilee Jewels and The Trammels!

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