my life in song . .

     These songs are presently downloadable for free. They were given by The Great King, and I have nothing that was not freely given.  They are copyrighted so that I cannot be sued for singing my own songs. I ask that you share them with others if you think they are a blessing, either by burning a CD or telling someone of this website. Please ask permission before using them in a commercial project. God bless you!

       Don't forget to check out The Vault for some older musical jewels!


This Same Jesus

This is my latest project. As the world works frantically to obstruct the inevitable reign of Christ, there are those who are happy to redefine Jesus and make him anything other than who scripture says he is.  All I know is that as Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives the angel said that "this same Jesus will return in like manner as you see him go". Hence the title song. You will hear my grand daughters here, singing "Itty Bitty Girls". I really enjoyed this project. I even used a little '60"s jangle! These songs are copyrighted but you may listen, download and sing them for free. The King gave them to me . .                           

The Second Man

     Every follower of Christ finds out in the course of time that his walk with God is a journey, a journey to discover not only the character of God, but his own as well. At some point in our odyssey we discover like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, that we "cannot do this!" This is not a statement of despair as much as it is a statement of fact. The Christian life can only be lived by Christ himself who not only indwells us, but finishes what he alone started. 



Me & Toby, Parker, Nick & Bo

     This album was produced somewhere around 2005 I think. It was written during a very difficult period in my life, where "by myself I had no strength to fight" as the song says, in my struggle against sin. Bill Bryan wrote "Family Reunion" and "I Saw the Light", both wonderful songs that I just had to cover.  

     Clen (junior) Thompson wrote "You Sure are Something". Both were delightful brothers in Christ, whom I will rejoice to see again. A lot of grace here . . and a lot of truth. I hope you enjoy it . .




Black & White in a Grey World

     This piece was done about 2003 or '04, after we had disbanded NiteLite and the DragonSlayer Band. Some of these songs were brought from that program. You will hear the boys (grandkids) in a few of the songs. My favorite is probably "Jesus I Need You Tonite" though others are good songs too. You may have your own favorites . . or maybe not. But you can leave your comments, good or bad in the comment box below. God bless!




The Harvest

     This album was started about 1998 or '99. Some of the songs came before we left McKinley Oregon for Oakland, and others were added over a 5 year span or so. I took this picture of fall Maple leaves on the hillside above our house. You can hear the quality of the recording - and the material - improve through the years. But sometimes the old songs are just hard to beat. It's not our talent or lack of it, our skill at songwriting or recording that is important. It is the work of God in our hearts that makes all the difference. Enjoy!




Home is Where the Heart Is

     This is The Blum Family's only vinyl recording, though there were 8 track tapes (remember them?) made earlier.

We were brand-new Christians full of joy, faith and love and music! O God fill our hearts with revival! You who raised us from the dead in Christ, renew us again!

     Mom and Dad are gone now, and the kids ain't exactly kids anymore. The second greatest joy in my life was playing with my family, and the first . . is yet to come!



Musical Friends

Meagan Green is my uncle Dave's youngest daughter. She was born legally blind, but in my opinion God is glorified more in her weakness than in her ability to see. Others have 20 - 20 vision but are blind to God and their state. But Meagan can see! One of my earliest memories of Meagan is her singing "come up higher!" as we sand the Happy Goodman's "John the Revelator". You will absolutely be blessed by her beautiful spirit and beautiful, perfect - pitch voice.

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