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live from the vault . .

     This lady is very precious sister to me. This is Bill Campbell's daughter Christine, and has been a fixture at our many musical gatherings over the years. Her favorite song is "I'll fly Away". She took several trips to prison with us when I was involved in prison ministry with Freddie Smith, a.k.a. Living Stones Prison Ministries.

     She used to stand in the guitar row with the band and sign for the deaf. And she was good at it. She wrote this song years back and asked me to do a background track for it. Here you have a delightfully simple and memorable song that you'll spend some time singing to yourself. Did you know that Christ has provided the very things and people we need the most to show his love and care for us? He has personally picked the souls that surround you dear Saint of God, and all the experiences, whether wonderful or hard, that transform you into the image of His son. Thank you Lord for overlooking our blindness. You are wonderful! Thanks for Christine!

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