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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

Hard Times for Atheistic Evolution . .

One of the hallmarks of the Last Days according to the Biblical worldview is that "knowledge shall be increased " (Daniel 12:4), and today this is true in spades. The Fundamentalist interpretation of scripture has been on the defensive end of a losing game since Darwin proposed his theories on the "Origin of Species" printed in 1859. But as knowledge increases there is increasing evidence that the Bible was right all along. This is good news for those who believe and trust in the God of Scripture, and conversely bad news for those who don't. Here are a few examples:

1. Dr. Nathaniel Jameson's research tracing human genetic lines suggests that current families populating the earth emanated from 8 individuals (Noah, his wife, and their three sons and daughters) living roughly 4500 years ago (click or tap here: ).

2. Current state of Quantum Mechanics suggesting linear aspects of time and matter are interchangeable. Though as humans we are "locked" into one-way time (and thus death), future and past times are theoretically accessible by beings higher than ourselves. In some quarters scientists (see here: and here: are increasingly uncomfortable with the idea that the "future may be determined", while this is Bible 101 for those who believe the scriptures.

3. Recent archaeological discoveries confirming Biblical accounts stretching back and beyond 3500 B.C. (Joshua's altar on Mt. Ebal ( ), the "Balaam" inscription found in Al Deir ( ), Mt. Sinai at Jabal Al Laws ( ), and the Biblical destruction of Sodom at Tel el-Hammam ( ), complete with a destruction layer containing fragmented human remains and melted pottery suggesting an explosive air burst event, or "fire from heaven".

There are many more examples we could give of Biblical accuracy. Bullas (clay or stone seals) of certain Biblical characters named in scripture such as Hezekiah, Nathan-Melech, Azariah son of Hilkiah, and the bullas of two famous figures mentioned in Jeremiah 38:1-6, Gedaliah and Jehucal, found together midst the ashes of the Babylonian destruction of 583 B.C. ( ). These recent discoveries will be old news to some, but most people are astounded when first discovering that Bible stories are not ancient myth, but historical events recorded by the Bible's authors. Contrary to popular opinion, we don't get to invent Truth. It was here when we arrived on the scene.

Another name for the Spirit of God is "the Spirit of Truth" (John 16:13), who is promised to everyone believing in Jesus. You've heard the saying that we should "follow the Truth wherever it leads"? In this case it confirms the scriptural account as given in the Bible. Scripture gives terrible warnings to those who do not "love the Truth" (2 Thessalonians 2:10, 12) but push it out of their minds, and of the repercussions that follow (Romans 1:28). Jesus reminds us that all that are "of the Truth" hear His voice (John 18;37). This is no credit to believers, for believing in Jesus is a "gift from heaven" (Philippians 1:29) promised to "whosoever will" (John 3:16, Acts 11:38, Revelation 22:17) including YOU!

Finally, the greatest proof of scripture's accuracy is the times we are living in. Though the world has experienced terrible upheavals, World Wars 1 and 2, various plagues and turmoils, never has there been such a coming together of so many prophetic markers of Christ's return. With the increase of knowledge characterizing the Last Days the degeneracy of Man and his governance has been paraded for all to see. Worthless money, congressional and senate leaders selling their votes to the highest bidder, the open celebration of evil (along with the deepening rejection of Truth and goodness), all work together to paint the Bible's picture of the world when Christ returns to judge it.

And now we are in the process of a final reset and reign of Man, that when completed will have every human being on earth (excepting Bible-believers) numbered, tracked, enslaved and made merchandise of (Revelation 18;3), from cradle to grave.

And all this was foretold long ago in the Bible.

Read it. It's true . . you can stake your life on it . .

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