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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

The Day the Earth stood Still

In Keanu Reeves “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, there is a scene where the female protagonist realizes that the man from space (Reeves) has not come to save mankind by saving the planet, but to save the planet by eliminating mankind, its destroyer. Overwhelmed at her realization she pleads with him, “We can change, we can change!“

Though the movie is shameless propaganda for climate change (and the global socialism required to fix it), it is easy to see the pure Pelagianism in its message, and in the hearts of the viewers to which the screenwriters appeal. President Obama’s “Yes we can!” is the rallying cry of humankind from the time of Adam.

Pelagius was the fourth century monk who withstood Augustine of Hippo and scripture as well, insisting every new human was born without sin and freely able to choose good or evil. In other words the Fall as recorded in the scriptures affected only Adam and not his descendants. Every human born has a clean slate with a free will, and this belief is the foundation upon which all human civilization and endeavor is built. This is not only a lie, it is THE Lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Do we understand that the scriptures, if true, signal the end of the world and all of Man’s endeavor? If Christ’s words are true the world as we now know it is on its way out.

While we heartily affirm our freedom and ability to overcome our circumstances crying “yes we can“, the God of the Bible replies “no you can’t”. We cannot overcome sickness, war, or death, no matter what John Lennon says. The inherited, incurable pathogen coursing through the veins of human endeavor is why civilizations- including this last one - always fail.

But in Christ, the God we “will not have to rule over us”, all shall be made well. He has overcome war, sickness and death in the person of Christ His son, and will do so completely and publicly upon His return. Where will that leave you? Believe and trust him. He will one day make all things new-

Yes He Can!

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