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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

Where is your hope?

The story of humanity's search for God has been a tragic one. But I think we can sum this history up in a broad sense rather easily: (1) there is a god or gods (2) He, she, or they are angry at our sins, and (3) if we either do something - or quit doing something - the deity (or deities) will chill out, our crops will flourish and when we die we're good to go . . maybe. Satan's global monopoly on fear-based religion was shattered in 33 A.D. at the resurrection of Christ. The reality and nature of eternal life was no longer a theoretical argument between competing religious franchises. Hell and the grave were shaken to their foundations when the carpenter from Nazareth walked out of his grave. The hereafter were no longer a matter of argument. It was literally seen, touched and witnessed by hundreds. And intellectuals wonder what made Christianity spread so fast? The quest for the fountain of youth had ended, and "good news" became the greatest understatement in human history. The futility of pacifying The Ineffable Name by human effort were exposed. And all who believed walked out free. Jesus had told his disciples earlier that they "would be hated of all men" for his name's sake (Matthew 10:22, 24:9, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:12, 17, John 15:21). You would think eternal life would be very popular, yet when the lone, historic figure pointing the Way to the Elysian Fields is revealed men kill him and chase down his followers. Christ's arrival was an invasion into enemy territory, a covert one-way suicide mission that would not only extract to safety every citizen of God's kingdom, but expose the lie that Men can earn God's favor. In today's postmodern world nothing can be held as objective truth. Opposing views are terrifying to those who want to make it to heaven. Trust me, I know. But this is exactly the problem and makes my point. Unless God Almighty undertakes to redeem a people of His own choosing, brings them thru hell and high water to save them from sins (themselves) and errors, who has any hope? This is why I love Reformed Theology. James says whosoever keeps the whole law, "and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all". If this is true (and it is), the perfect obedience of another, credited to our account, is the only guaranteed ticket to heaven. If trusting in Jesus is not the way to the Kingdom of god, there is no way. This world's fundamental premise is that there was no fall and Man's will remains free. If Man is proven to be evil, then he must at least be allowed the ability to choose to freely be so. And it is this hinge upon which the world's religions turn. Obey the list (whichever you choose) because you can. But what if Man IS fallen - so deeply that he cannot even fathom his lostness? If this is true, imputed righteousness (the Gospel) is his only escape. See how simple this is? And yet millions argue and vilify The Gospel, or attempt to change or blunt its meaning. The Gospel infers something. The Greatest Story Ever Told is only great if it saves sinners, redeems the lost and makes those who embrace dung hills to be princes. It is news from hell if it holds the carrot of eternal life hostage to contending and unspecified requirements that have only been met by Jesus. "Because I live, you shall live also" Jesus tells his disciples. And his triumph over death becomes ours as well, simply because our life is in Him (Ephesians 1:11, John 1:4, Colossians 2:11). Now you know why the Apostles were "hated of all men" for Jesus' sake. These 12 eyewitnesses represented and had first-hand knowledge of something so terrifyingly wonderful that to allow them to live threatened the rulership of earth and the religions of fear. There is nothing more attractive than the message of eternal life. This is why this present world cannot erradicate Christianity. I mean, Communism? Is that all you've got?? Really?? John Lennon's "Imagine", the anthem of the globalists, was stupid I know, but it's all they've got. This world's triumph over the sufferings of Man is laughable. Can you blame any thinking person for believing in Jesus? What's the alternative? Systematically the Apostles were hunted down and slaughtered just as their master had warned. In the centuries following Christians were mocked, scorned and put to death. It is the same way today. According to Open Doors USA, a group dedicated to helping Christians facing persecution around the world, it has never been worse. Between the Communists in China, Korea, Syria and Iraq, believers are having a rough time. And you can be sure that it is coming here, yes, coming to America and the West. The emerging synthesis of the three monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, combined with other elements (earth-worship, deification of Man, UFO's,etc.) will result in "the lie" of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that will damn all but the Elect of God. The scripture cannot be broken. Let the sun fall into the sea and the universe disappear, but the One who formed them by His Word will live forever, and the saints with Him. My hope was not in Barack Obama or in Global Socialism. It's not in Donald Trump. It's not in the Republican Party, or in any resurgence of Constitutional America. It's not in the U.N., in Ken Copeland or Hillsdale College. It's not in my obedience, or in a future generation or the Pope . . All my hope is in Jesus.

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