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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

Israel's Surging Right Wing Crushes Liberal Protests . .

You may have heard recently about unprecedented protests in Israel by the Left who resent Judicial reforms presented by Netanyahu's new government. Hundreds of thousands of left-leaning Israelis have been taking to the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere for over 3 months now, decrying reforms that they claim will curtail Israeli "democracy", but will in reality only curtail their stranglehold on the Israeli Religious Right and Israel's destiny.

But what's really happening is that the RIGHT in Israel has had enough of the Left. Right-leaning counter-protesters were seen openly grabbing Gay Pride flags and throwing them to the ground, while police looked the other way. You can watch a video here:

We may be witnessing the end of the Israeli Left's power in Israel. What's more, a Right-Wing ascendancy has huge implications concerning the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. Pressure has been building steadily for a third temple on the ancient temple platform, presumably to stand somewhere near the Muslim Dome of the Rock site. In recent months a group of Red Heifers necessary for the purification of Jewish priests were shipped from Texas to Israel. Greeted by ceremony at Ben Gurion airport, they were sent to Haifa for a one-week quarantine, then dispersed to two different locations until they are slaughtered and their ashes used for purification ceremonies.

It is easy to see that the religious Right must prevail in Israel in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. And this huge swing to the Right (which global Left-leaning news is not covering) is likely going to build globally. Remember that "the scripture cannot be broken". There is no power on earth that can stop or even slow the decreed times of God.

Moreover, this surge to the Right may signal an uncontrollable global reaction across the globe to the Left's insanity. But be warned, what is coming is NOT the triumph of Christianity nor the kingdom of God, though it will certainly be heralded as such.

Antichrist must come first, and he will come from the Right . .

Stay tuned . .

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