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  • Stephen D Blum Jr

Dads Tossing Babies..

Have you ever watched a dad tossing his babies? It’s totally a dad thing. They will stretch their babies out in front of them and smile adoringly (while the baby smiles cluelessly back) and toss them into the air and from security, only to catch and snatch them from the jaws of destruction.

Human babies are very vulnerable, almost helpless. Unlike other creatures who have fur to stay warm and are able to walk about shortly after birth, we are born naked and cold, unable to walk, run, or fend for ourselves. To drop a baby almost guarantees an injury or worse.

Mothers shudder at this insane behavior, which flies against their natural protective instinct. This madness only seems to affect dads.

And imagine how the baby feels! Here is his largest and strongest protector lulling him into a false security with that fake smile of assurance, all the while plotting his demise!

Have you ever noticed the look on the baby’s face as he loses his father’s grip and flies into oblivion? It begins with stark terror, morphs into relief when he’s caught, and ends with hilarious delight as the baby understands the game and his father’s love!

And why is the dad laughing??

The Father laughs because he knows he’s going to catch his son.

He wants his child to know he will always catch, keep him safe and keep him from harm. And the baby (much to his relief) quickly learns that the One who tosses him is also his savior, without whom he would surely perish.

And some of you have already figured out what I’m going to say next haven't you?

I believe this universal ritual of tossing and catching is a secret message (there are many) from God, a cleverly dropped clue pointing to our value in His sight, like the bread crumbs that Hansel scattered to guide his way home.

The Father tosses us in celebration of His delight in us, and the catching is a picture of our worth in His eyes. He wants us to know that as our creator and protector, He will always catch us. And how could we possible learn this unless we were tossed? Without dangers, toils and snares, without the loss of loved ones or jobs or security . .

Without danger how could there be glorious rescue??

The world seems to be headed to a dark place, where dangers may be waiting. But remember the faithfulness of the One who made us, who delights in us, laughing and tossing us into the air..

Only to snatch us into His loving embrace ..

I woke up crying late at night when I was very young

I had dreamed my father had passed away and gone

My world revolved around him I couldn't lie there anymore

So I made my way down the mirrored hall, and tapped upon his door

And I said "Daddy, I'm so afraid, how will I go on with you gone that way?

Don't want to cry anymore, so may I stay with you?"

And he said

"That's my job, that's what I do

Everything I do is because of you

To keep you safe with me

That's my job you see"

Conway Twitty

“That’s My Job”

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