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         My life in song . .

             This Same Jesus  

     This is my latest project. As the world works frantically to obstruct the inevitable reign of Christ, there are those who are happy to redefine Jesus and make him anything other than who scripture says he is. The preterists work to make the existing Jewish State prophetically irrelevant, spiritualizing his return and reign 'til it doesn't even happen, while The DaVinci Code and a host of New Agers castigate those who believe in the literal interpretation of scripture as "materialists". All I know is that as Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives the angel said that "this same Jesus will return in like manner as you see him go". Hence the title song. You will hear my grand daughters here, singing "Itty Bitty Girls". I really enjoyed this project. I even used a little '60"s jangle! These songs are copyrighted but you may listen, download and sing them for free. The King gave them to me . .                               

     This is 2 year-old Ruby, the first voice you will hear on "Itty Bitty Girls". Pretty scary huh? 

McKenzie Gassner joins in on the chorus of "Itty Bitty Girls"

Emery Reeves in the studio layin' down some tracks on Itty Bitty Girls . .

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