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         My life in song . .

             The Second Man

     Every follower of Christ finds out in the course of time that his walk with God is a journey, a journey to discover not only the character of God, but his own as well. At some point in our odyssey we discover like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, that we "cannot do this!" This is not a statement of despair as much as it is a statement of fact. The Christian life can only be lived by Christ himself who not only indwells us, but finishes what he alone started. 

     We begin, naturally, as the first man in Jesus' parable, who even thanked God that he was not like others. But before our journey ends we realize that we are in fact the second man, who is totally unworthy. Hence the title song. Listen to the words in these songs, and I pray you will be blessed . .

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